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PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT: For all BPRD parks and trails
The parks and trails are calling and you want to play. It’s okay; you can with a few reminders:

  • No face coverings are required on BPRD parks and trails; however, they are recommended when visitors are not able to maintain distancing.
  • Private vendors and event staff with reservations in parks may require face coverings.
  • Consider visiting less popular parks and trails or at less popular times.
  • Learn More.

    You’re invited to visit the many parks, open spaces and trails in Bend.  It is a great way to connect with the outdoors and with the community.

    Park Directory

    Get to know all of Bend’s parks and how to visit.

    Trail Directory

    Hit the trail! Discover the miles of trails available for walking, biking and more.

    Facility & Park Rentals

    If you’d like to rent out a facility or park area for your event, visit the facilities page.

    Park & Trail Rules and Regulations

    Learn more about park rules and regulations, including business use of parks, filming in parks and metal detectors.

    New Projects

    Each new park, trail and facility is developed by working with the community to meet that particular area’s needs. We currently have several park, trail and facility projects under development. To learn more about the status of a particular park project, visit the Current Projects page.

    Park Maintenance

    To learn about how we maintain and care for the parks visit the maintenance page.


    If you have any questions regarding park maintenance, please contact Park Services:

    Trail, park or property information:

    For feedback on the parks, trails or facilities, email parkservicesinfo@bendparksandrec.org