Youth & Adult Hockey Leagues & Programs

Youth Learn to Skate Hockey – NEWLY ADDED

A great introduction to skating! Learn hockey skating skills to be successful in the game of hockey. We will practice stance, falling, swizzles and snowplow stops with fun games and drills.  All elements will be taught without a stick and puck.

Ages 5 – 6:  Program# 110113
Ages 7 – 11: Program# 110114

Fee: $60 ID  $72 OD per session

Tuesdays, 2/21 – 3/21
Thursdays, 2/23 – 3/23
Time: 5:40 – 6:15 pm

Youth Learn to Play Hockey

Ages: 4 – 14

Our “Learn to Play” program is designed to introduce players with little or no skating and/or hockey experience to the sport of ice hockey. Designed to develop the fundamentals of the game, promote physical fitness and, above all else, have fun. Protective equipment kits are available to rent for $50 while participating in Learn to Play Hockey. Kits include: pants, shin pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads, helmet with face mask, gloves and stick. Rental skates are also available.

Fee: $84 ID $100 OD / session
Program: 110201

M: 4:15 – 5:15 pm
1/30 – 3/13

W: 4:15 – 5:15 pm
2/1 – 3/15

Youth Hockey League

Ages: 7 – 14

Let’s play hockey! It’s the first BPRD-organized youth hockey league! We’re talking hockey skill development and game action for both boys and girls. Note: Some prior skating and/or hockey experience is recommended before signing up for this league. Required equipment includes: helmet with full face mask, mouthpiece, stick, shin pads, supporter or cup, gloves, shoulder pads, pants and elbow pads.

Fee: $135 ID $162 OD / session
Program: 110203

W: 5:30 – 7:45 pm (Practice)
F: 4:00 – 7:00 pm (Games)

2/1 – 3/17

Adult Hockey League

All Adults

Join BPRD’s Hockey League! Teams will enjoy our beautiful ice rink while playing twelve regular season games with game nights varying throughout the season. Teams will be seeded for the playoffs with league championships in March. Individuals who register will be drafted onto teams. Players must provide their own gear. For information, call Kevin at (541) 706-6196.

Registration deadline: Sorry, this program is full.
Fee: $270 ID $324 OD / season
Program: 310320
M – Th: Evenings

Season: 11/28 – 3/23

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Adult Learn To Play Hockey

Ages: 15 & up

Here’s your chance to learn to play hockey! Discover your inner Gretzky in our program specifically designed to introduce adults with little or no skating and/or hockey experience to the sport. You’ll develop the fundamentals of the game, promote physical fitness and, above all else, have fun. Rental skates provided. Equipment requirements include: athletic support, shin pads, hockey pants, elbow pads, helmet, gloves and stick.

Fee: $84 ID $100 OD / session
Program: 110321
F: 9:15 – 10:30 pm

2/3 – 3/17

Specialized Ice Times

Stick Time

Bring your sticks, skates and gear and work on your skating, stickhandling and shooting in these no pressure, hockey-only sessions. Separate adult and youth sessions available. Nets and pucks are provided. Helmets, stick and gloves required. Skaters under 12 must wear full gear including helmet with full face protections. Pick-up games and scrimmages are not allowed during Stick Time. Limit: 30 person maximum. Registration available 72-hours in advance.
Youth Stick Time: Activity # 110401
Adult Stick Time: Activity # 110402

Pick-up Hockey

Get some extra game practice during these adult pick-up hockey times. No officials or scoring. Teams are self-selected each ses-sion. Full gear is required including helmet. Bring a light and dark jersey with you. Limits: 26 person (13 per side) maximum plus up to four goalies. Goalies skate free.  Registration available 72-hours in advance.
Youth Pick-up Hockey: Activity # 110404
Adult Pick-up Hockey: Activity # 110403

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