Big Sky Park

BPRD Project Phase 3

Project Overview: BPRD strives to accommodate community requests for facilities and/or provide park space for recreational activities that may be desirable to the greater community but currently absent from BPRD parks. However, many parks are unique in size, setting and geography and not necessarily suitable for all types of recreational activities. In response, BPRD staff takes the opportunity afforded by a park plan update to evaluate the inclusion of new uses.

While updating the Master Plan for Big Sky Park, staff is taking into account the current uses and amenities in the park and how the user experience might be improved or augmented with new uses. Overall, the revised master plan aims to improve safety, increase accessibility and enhance recreational opportunities.

The public outreach process is an important element of the master planning process and is helping to identify a range of opportunities to maintain and improve this popular park.

Some of the proposed new and reconfigured uses and design changes being evaluated include:

  • New secondary access driveway to Hamby and realigned/closed interior park roads
  • Parking lot expansion
  • Converting the current multipurpose softball field to be a Little League-specific field
  • Reducing the size of the outfield on the large adult hardball diamond by moving the fence in
  • New shared-use paved paths
  • Bike park (pump track, flow course, jumps, etc.)
  • Reorientation and small expansion of the existing BMX track
  • Lights for the BMX facility, baseball diamonds and soccer field #1 (adjacent to Neff Rd.)
  • Sound system for the BMX facility
  • An approximately 1.5-mile Cyclocross (CX) course that can also be used as a Cross Country running course
  • Radio-controlled (R/C) car track for electric-powered vehicles only
  • Solar panel installation to help offset energy use
  • Archery was considered but arrow-flight-distance testing showed that this would create safety concerns over the potential for accidental skyward arrow releases that could reach residential areas.
  • An R/C aviation area was considered but discounted due to R/C flight pattern prohibitions over schools and residential areas, and safety issues with proximity to Bend Airport flight patterns.

For additional background information, please click on the link below:

Conceptual Master Plan

Location: Located at the corner of Hamby and Neff Roads at 21690 NE Neff Rd.


Total Funding Allocation: $250,000

Funding Source: Property Taxes and System Development Charges

Estimated Completion: 2018

Additional Information: For more information on Big Sky Park, please contact Steve Jorgensen, Planning Manager at (541) 706-6153 or send an email to

big sky park master plan revised