First Street Rapids Park


Crossing both east and west sides of the Deschutes River, First Street Rapids Park is a popular river access point for canoes and kayaks. The park is located at the end of NW First Street as well as the end of NW Revere. The Deschutes River Trail runs through the park and connects north to Sawyer Park and south to Pioneer Park via a pedestrian bridge.

The park and points north and south along the river are well-known for wildlife activity including river otters, beavers and a multitude of bird species including trumpeter swans, bald eagles, ospreys and migratory birds.

The park’s east side is currently under construction with additional improvements including pathways, irrigation and re-vegetation. The park remains open during construction.

For additional information on the park’s current development and construction, visit the First St. Rapids Park development page.

First Street Rapids Park

1980 NW First Street
7.2 acres

Park Features