Park Feature: Fishing

The District features fishing ponds at Pine Nursery and Shevlin Parks that are stocked by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.
  • Shevlin Park pond features rainbow trout and is open to youth, 17 years and under.
  • At Pine Nursery Park, the pond is open to all ages and stocked with rainbow trout, blue gills and bass.
Current regulations at both ponds allow for a limit of two fish per day, eight inch minimum length. For Deschutes River fishing, access is available at several parks including Drake, Farewell Bend, First Street Rapids, Miller’s Landing, Pacific, Pioneer, Riverbend and Sawyer Parks. All state angling licenses and regulations apply at all locations.  Whether bait and/or fly fishing is allowed depends on location. Please check ODFW’s website for more information as regulations may change. For a park addresses and information, visit our Parks Listing or Parks Map. Additional information on fishing and stocking in the region is available at ODFW’s website at

Bend Whitewater Park

166 SW Shevlin Hixon Dr, Bend, OR 97702, United States

Brooks Park

35 Northwest Drake Road, Bend, OR, United States

Drake Park and Mirror Pond

777 NW Riverside Blvd, Bend, OR, United States

Farewell Bend Park

1000 Southwest Reed Market Road, Bend, OR 97702, USA

First Street Rapids Park

1980 Northwest 1st Street, Bend, OR, United States

McKay Park

166 Southwest Shevlin Hixon Drive, Bend, OR, United States

Miller’s Landing Park

55 NW Riverside Blvd, Bend, OR, United States

Pacific Park

200 NW Pacific Park Lane Bend, Oregon 97701

Pine Nursery Park

63100 Purcell Blvd

Pioneer Park

1525 Northwest Wall Street, Bend, OR, United States

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve

19975 Glen Vista Rd, Bend, OR 97701, USA

River Rim Park Site

19400 Charleswood Lane, Bend, OR, United States

Riverbend Park

799 SW Columbia St, Bend, OR 97702, USA

Riverview Park

2555 NE Division St, Bend, OR 97703, United States

Sawyer Park

62999 O. B. Riley Road, Bend, OR, United States

Shevlin Park

18920 Northwest Shevlin Park Road, Bend, OR, United States

Brooks Park

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McKay Park

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Pacific Park

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Riley Ranch Nature Reserve

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Riverbend Park

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