Riley Ranch Nature Reserve

New experiences, new rules.

Because Riley Ranch is a nature reserve it is managed differently than other Bend parks. With direction from the park’s Citizens Advisory Committee and the District’s board, bikes and dogs, even dogs onleash, are not permitted.

Bikes and dogs have a greater impact on wildlife and the landscape when compared to pedestrians. Riley Ranch provides a different experience for park users with numerous wildlife viewing opportunities as well as a place for people who are less comfortable around dogs or bikes.


Located in northwest Bend along the east side of the Deschutes River, Riley Ranch Nature Reserve is composed of 184 acres of former private ranch land. Appearing relatively untouched in some places, the land features open meadows, juniper and pine forests, unique lava flows, cliffs and the river’s rocky canyon. The park is host to many native plant species, migratory birds and wildlife.

There are 1.57 miles of paved path and soft-surface trail above the canyon and through relatively untouched land features, such as open meadows, juniper and pine forests, unique lava flows, cliffs and the river’s rocky canyon.

If trail running or hiking is of interest, Riley Ranch has several loop options to explore. The Juniper Loop is 0.7 mile and the Sage Flats Loop is 0.9 miles, which combine in a figure-eight pattern for a 1.6 mile loop. In addition, a trail section that travels down the canyon rim — called Robin’s Run — connects to the Canyon Loop. The Canyon Loop is 1.25 miles, and the Oregon State Parks Trail extends 1.3 miles from Riley Ranch to Tumalo State Park is an additional 2.6 miles.

Traveling to Tumalo State Park and completing the three loop trails at Riley Ranch is approximately 6.5 miles. It is approximately 1.5 miles from the parking lot to the beginning of Tumalo State Park if loops are not traveled.

Plan your visit

  • Location: 19975 Glen Vista Road, located west of O.B. Riley Road in northwest Bend.
  • Hours: Sunrise to sunset, daily.
  • Activities include nature watching, wildlife viewing, walking, hiking, fly fishing, nature photography and learning about local history and geology.
  • Amenitie s include soft surface trails, overlooks, a vault restroom and parking area. Some accessible trails available.
  • Individuals to small groups up to 30 are welcome.
  • Dogs and bikes are not allowed.

Riley Ranch Nature Reserve

19975 Glen Vista Rd.
184 acres

Park Features