Shevlin Park

This cherished, 652-acre regional park was donated to the community in 1920. Although the park has a paved road, three developed picnic sites and Aspen Hall within its boundaries, most of the park remains undeveloped.

Tumalo Creek rambles through the park with several foot bridges providing opportunities to cross over to the newest section of the park, the Shevlin Conservation Easement, which added approximately 44 acres to the east side of the park in 2002. The easement features a parking area with a viewpoint and is popular with hikers, joggers and mountain bikers.

Shevlin Park is a haven located less than three miles from Bend and a perfect location for hiking, jogging, nature watching, fishing, cross country skiing and picnicking. There is an extensive trail and pathway system providing for both summer and winter uses. The park is also the site of Cougar Camp, a popular youth day camp offered by the district in the summer months.

For information on reserving a picnic spot or Aspen Hall call the district office at (541) 389-7275.

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 Shevlin Park Forest Management

Fire helps the forest remain healthy. Fire has and will always be a part of the landscape of Central Oregon. The forests and rangelands of the region are shaped by the frequency, pattern, and severity at which they burn. Ponderosa pine and dry mixed-conifer forests historically burned very frequently and with relatively low flame lengths, resulting in forests of large, widely spaced trees with scattered grasses and shrubs in many locations.

Without prescribed or naturally occurring fire in the 20th century, shrubs and smaller trees are more prevalent, providing fire fuel that is problematic.


Following the successful inaugural prescribed fire of 48 acres at Shevlin Park in May 2017, the District has selected an additional 155 acres to burn in partnership with Deschutes National Forest and the City of Bend Fire Department in spring 2018. Dates will be considered between April and early June based on weather and wind conditions. Details will be shared for how to be informed about the 2018 fire with opportunities to ask questions.

Shevlin Park

18920 NW Shevlin Park Road
652 acres, 50 acres developed

Park Features