Business Use of a Park

Business Use of a Park, Picnic Shelter or Facility

Parks and recreation facilities provide people with places to connect to the natural environment and to recreate. With that understood, at times there are opportunities for businesses to utilize District properties that enhance the user experience or provide a community need.

Business operations include, but are not limited to: sale, rental or promotion of merchandise or service; the provision of a paid service or program. Such examples would be:

  • Sales meeting
  • Fitness class
  • Personal sports coach
  • Arts and crafts class
  • Commercial film shoot
  • Park concessionaire
  • Business reception
  • Product demonstrations
  • Food booth at an event

In order for a business to operate in or on District property, it is important that that business to be properly permitted and activity allowed by the District.

Please follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Review the criteria under which a business may operate on District property. A business may operate on District property under the following scenarios:
    a. The business is part of a public event;
    b. The business is contracted with the District to provide a special service such as public safety or information.
    c. The business operation is approved through a lease agreement.
    d. The business has reserved a District facility or park to provide a one-time service or activity to invited guests.
    e. The business wishes to operate a scheduled or programmed activity to invited guests (recreation program, camp, fitness, instructional class).
  2. Review the criteria that the District will use to make a decision on approval. Requests for reserved or permitted park use, whether commercial, not-for-profit or private will be based on the following criteria:
    a. The proposed activity does not conflict with other public park uses, impede care and maintenance of the park, detract from general park visitor use or enjoyment or directly compete with a District operated or contracted program.
    b. The activity is being provided to invited guests only.
    c. District rules, regulations and processes have been abided to in the past.
    d. There are no outstanding fees or charges.
  3. Contact Jeff Hagler, Park Stewardship Manager, or (541) 706-6217.


Parks that are available for short-duration (1.5 hr) blocks: example, recurring fitness class

Al Moody Park Larkspur Park Riverbend Park
Big Sky Park Miller’s Landing  Park Sawyer Park Upper Turf area (picnic area)
Compass Park Pine Nursery Park Shevlin Park – Aspen Meadow (picnic area)
Farewell Bend Park Pioneer Park Skyline Park
Kiwanis Park Ponderosa Park McKay Park


Park Picnic Areas and Shelters Available for Reservation: Full day

Park picnic areas and shelters may be reserved for family, business or commercial use. Business activities may occur in a pavilion or picnic area so long as the business is conducted to invited guests and not the general public. When a business is renting a pavilion or picnic site for the purpose of conducting business, insurance is required.

A shelter or designated picnic area may not be reserved for consecutive and/or recurring use (such as every Monday/Wednesday/Friday) in order to allow sufficient opportunity for general public use.

Al Moody Park Larkspur  Park Riverbend Park
Big Sky Park – Shelters 1 & 2 Miller’s Landing  Park Sawyer Park Upper Turf area (picnic area)
Compass Park Pine Nursery Park Shevlin Park – Aspen Meadow (picnic area)
Farewell Bend Park Pioneer Park Shevlin Park – Fremont Meadow (picnic area)
Kiwanis Park Ponderosa Park Skyline Park
Juniper Park


Deposit Requirements

Reserved use by groups of 41 and more requires a refundable $250 damage deposit paid within 30 days of the rental use. Providing there is no damage to the park the deposit will be returned in full within 10 business days.


Insurance Requirements

To protect public assets, BPRD requires all commercial park users to provide general liability insurance naming Bend Park and Recreation District as additionally insured. Private park users need to provide insurance when an activity involves the consumption of alcohol, has more than 41 people in attendance, and/or is deemed necessary by the district’s risk analysis team. Liability insurance is for $2 million per occurrence and occasionally higher based upon the risk potential of the activity. Insurance is due within 30 days of an event.


Commercial Photography/Videography/Film Permit – $50 per day, plus any necessary reservation and rental fees.

  1. A single professional photographer with a portable camera does not require a permit or district notification.
  2. Professional media production or activity requires a scope of activity and possible evidence of prescribed liability insurance based on risk. Should production require exclusive use of parkland, staff time or other district resources, a permit, park reservation and associated fees apply.
  3. For film permits, please complete and submit a BPRD Commercial Film/Photography/Videography Permit Request.
  4. Questions about using a park or facility for a commercial shoot? Contact Colleen McNally in our Community Relations Dept. at (541) 389-7275.


Metal Detector Permit

In order to operate a metal detector on district property, one must have a metal detector permit in their possession. The permit provides the holder with information on park rules and regulations and how to properly use a metal detector on district lands.

Metal detector permits are available free of charge through Park Services, 1675 SW Simpson, p. (541) 388-5435, hours 7:30 am – 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.


Bend Whitewater Park

To conduct business at McKay Park and/or Miller’s Landing Park adjacent to the Bend Whitewater Park, there is a permit process that requires proof of insurance coverage.  This is the process for sale, rental or promotions of merchandise or service; the provision of a paid service or program, instruction or training that includes use of dry land for anything more than quick transportation in or out of the Deschutes River.

The public is always welcome in our parks; therefore, a permitted business does not have exclusive use and business activity may not adversely impact general public use.

Permit requirements: General liability insurance of $2M naming BPRD as additionally insured is required. Classes operating in the Deschutes River must abide by all Oregon State Marine Board rules and regulations.

Permit use: Permit holders and class participants do not have exclusive use of the park. Class activities may not adversely impact general public use of the parkland or in the Bend Whitewater Park. Areas of use in the whitewater park include the Whitewater Channel and the Passageway Channel. The island adjacent to the Whitewater Channel cannot be reserved as part of a park reservation. Use of the island is open for the public at all times.

Permit holders must have a copy of their permit with them during permitted use.

Business Use in Water Only: Conducting business in the water only at the Bend Whitewater Park– without any use of river bank or the island — does not require a permit or insurance coverage by the Bend Park and Recreation District; however, it does require an Oregon State Marine Board Outfitter Guide Registration Card.  The Marine Board has authority for the water way and is a great resource for questions or assistance applying for outfitter guide registration.

For a quality experience for participants, please conduct in-water activities in non-peak times and days. The Bend Whitewater Park is a public park and is heavily used in afternoons and weekends during the summer.

To avoid conflicts with other users, the District recommends classes/lessons be conducted in down times (5 a.m. to 10 a.m. or 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.) or during the off season (October-April).



Trails may not be reserved for private use. Running/walking events require a reservation and adherence to public event reservation procedures.

Athletic Fields

Athletic fields can be reserved through our Sports Division. Please contact Becky Rexford, Sports Coordinator, at (541) 706-6120 or

Tennis, Pickleball & Horseshoe Courts

Tennis and pickleball courts are available on a first-come, first served basis and are not available for private, reserved use. Courts are not available for individual reservation. Courts may be reserved for district approved activities and events. Horseshoe courts at Juniper Park are not available for individual reservation. Courts may be reserved for district approved activities and events.

For court event rentals, please contact Kevin Collier, BPRD Sports Coordinator at (541) 706-6123 or


Questions?  Call our District office at (541) 389-7275 or on weekend or evenings you may call Juniper Swim and Fitness Center at (541) 389-7665.