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  1. Requestor will provide certificate of insurance (COI) at the time of permit request in order to complete the alcohol permit form. COI must be sent to FacilityRentals@bendparksandrec.org. View the insurance packet here.
  2. If alcohol is being sold or any type of fee is being charged at an event and alcohol is being provided, Liquor Liability insurance is required. If liquor is being provided by a host free of charge or is brought to an event by a participant, Host Liquor Liability insurance is required.
  3. Requestor will call (541) 706-6149 to complete the alcohol permit form over the phone.
  4. Requestor will provide OLCC liquor license if applicable and copies will be retained along with alcohol permit.
  5. Permit contact and accompanying information will be sent to Park Stewards and City of Bend Police.

Permittee Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to alcohol permits and are printed on the official permit.

  • Permittee must be aged 21 or older.
  • Permittee agrees to indemnify and hold the BPRD harmless from any liability or loss of any kind connected with the permit holder’s use of this permit.
  • The permit is only valid for the identified purpose and date.
  • Permittee must abide by all State, City, and BPRD laws, rules, regulations, and codes. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of this permit and/or for future permits for up to one year format he date above.
  • The Bend Park and Recreation Staff or law enforcement officers may revoke this permit at any time for any reason deemed necessary.
  • Permits are valid for one day within the park or facility identified on the permit.
  • Alcohol permits do not imply a park reservation or exclusive use of a park or area within a park.
  • Glass containers are not permitted.
  • The permit holder must have a copy of the permit with them on site and available for law enforcement or Park and Recreation District staff viewing.

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