Hillside Park Renovation


Project Overview: “Taking care of what you have” is a high priority of the community and the Bend Park and Recreation District (BPRD) Board of Directors. With the assistance of a multi-disciplinary team, BPRD has created an updated master plan to guide the renovation of Hillside Park. The master plan takes into account the current uses and amenities in the park and how the user experience might be improved or augmented. Overall, the master plan will aim to improve safety, increase accessibility and enhance recreational opportunities.

The public outreach process is an important element of the master planning process and has helped to identify a range of opportunities to maintain and improve this popular park.

Current Update:
 Construction of Hillside Park is underway.

Location: Hillside Park is divided into Hillside Park I and Hillside Park II, located on Awbrey Butte on opposite sides of NW Trenton Avenue. The addresses are 2050 NW 12th Street and 1116 NW Trenton Avenue.

Total Funding Allocation: $550,000

Funding Sources:  Property Taxes and System Development Charges

Estimated Completion: Fall 2017

For more information on planning efforts at Hillside Park, please click on the links below:

Phase One Construction

Master Plan

Existing Conditions Map

Additional Information: For more information on Hillside Park, please call Jason Powell at (541) 706-6152 or send an email to jasonp@bendparksandrec.org.