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Game on!

There’s something special about the smell of a freshly mowed practice field, the taste of oranges at halftime or the feeling of setting your PR time. We totally get that – that’s why we love to provide opportunities for those moments and foster those connections through sports. Our goal is to give everyone in our community the opportunities to develop their skills, engage in their community and – most of all – have fun.

Bend Park & Recreation District offers many youth and adult sports leagues, clinics and tournaments for every age and ability.

Learn more about:

Girls Youth Lacrosse - Volunteer Coach

Let’s Play Ball!

The District is a community leader in youth and adult sports programs. We offer all the traditional sports such as baseball, volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, flag and tackle football, soccer, pickleball, golf, kickball and lacrosse. We also offer camps and tournaments in many sports.

Schedules & Standings

Sports Team Schedules & Standings

For specific questions and locations, be sure to contact your coach or the Sports Coordinators listed below. If you are already on a team click this link to view current sports team schedules and standings.


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Resources for Parents

Parents, here are some additional resources for you and your family regarding sports, sports safety and District guidelines.

Specific Sports Information:

Youth Program Registration Deadlines:


Program/League Season Registration Deadline
 Youth Lacrosse League  Apr. – June March
 Girls Softball League  Apr. – June March
 Bitty Baseball  Apr. – May March
 MS Flag Rugby League  Apr. – May March


Program/League Season Registration Deadline
Youth Fall Soccer League Sept. – Oct. Early July
Youth Tackle Football League Aug. – Oct. Mid-July
Youth Flag Football League  Sept. – Nov. Late July
Kindergarten Soccer League Sept. – Oct. Late July
Middle School Tennis League Sept. – Oct. Mid-August


Program/League Season Registration Deadline
Youth & Middle School
 Nov. – Dec.  November
Bitty Basketball Nov. – Dec. October
Middle School Basketball – Boys Nov. – Dec. October
High School Basketball League Jan. – Mar. November
Youth Basketball Jan. – Feb. November
Middle School Basketball – Girls Jan. – Feb. December
Youth Hockey Skills & Drills Jan. – Mar. December

BPRD Youth Boys Football Volunteer CoachHey Coach!

First of all, thank you for coaching or taking the first step to learning more about coaching with Bend Park and Recreation. Many thanks for sharing your time, talent, energy and compassion to truly make a difference for the children and families who participate as part of their team. We couldn’t do it without you!

Coaches To-Do List

Here is a short of list of what you can expect if you’re interested in coaching at Bend Park and Recreation District and you’re wondering what it takes to be a coach.

  1. Complete the online BPRD volunteer application
  2. Attend the coaches’ orientation meeting. This meeting will outline the responsibilities and benefits of coaching. We’ll cover program philosophy and goals, and league-specific information. You’ll receive your team’s roster, necessary equipment for the season and you’ll choose practice days, time and location. The game schedule may or may not be handed out at this meeting as well.
  3. Complete BPRD online concussion training
  4. Read and familiarize yourself with the content of the coaching manual.
  5. Contact your team’s players and families – via email and phone – to introduce yourself and to give pertinent information (e.g. practice and game information).
  6. Organize and conduct a team meeting at your first practice. Discuss player responsibilities, parent responsibilities, program philosophy, and team goals.
  7. Plan ahead for each practice and each game. Come to each practice and game with a plan.
  8. Have fun with your team!

Looking for more resources, check our Volunteer Coaches page for more information.


Bend Park and Recreation District hosts a number of local, state and regional sports tournaments throughout the year for a variety of sports. Learn more about hosting a tournament and field rentals.

Tournament Calendar

August 7, 2022
August 8, 2022
August 9, 2022

Great call!

Looking for a fun and fulfilling job? Be a sports official with Bend Park and Recreation District and help provide an active and enriching experience in the lives of kids and adults in the community.

Learn more about current job opportunities, job interest cards and joining our team.

Sports Official Jobs with BPRD

Youth Basketball League Ages: Boy & Girls 3rd-5th grade

Season Dates: Games on Saturdays 9 am – 6 pm, mid-January thru mid-March
Training: Mandatory classroom and on court training in early January
Pay Rate: $12 per game

Youth Lacrosse League Ages Boys & Girls 1st-8th grade

Season Dates: Games at 4:30, 5:30 and 6:30, Monday thru Friday, April & May
Training: Mandatory classroom training in early April
Pay Rate: $15 to $20 per game depending on age level officiating

Youth Soccer

League Ages: Boys & Girls 1st-8th grade
Season Dates: Games on Saturdays 9 am – 6 pm, September & October
Training: Mandatory classroom training in late August
Pay Rate: $12 to $19 per game depending on age level officiating

Youth Flag Football

League Ages: Boys & Girls 1st-8th grade
Season Dates: Games on Saturdays 9 am – 6 pm, September & October
Training: Mandatory classroom training in early September
Pay Rate: $12 to $18 per game depending on age level officiating

Youth Volleyball

League Ages: Boys & Girls 3rd-6th grade
Season Dates: Games on Saturdays 9 am – 6 pm, October-December
Training: Mandatory classroom training in early September
Pay Rate: $15-$25 per game depending on age level officiating

Sports Official Job Description

General Statement of Duties: Provide officiating services to specific sports competitions. BPRD Sports Officials are responsible for providing an atmosphere of fun in a competitive, yet safe, environment.

Example of Duties (may include but are not limited to):

  • Enforce/implement BPRD sports policies and playing rules in order to maintain an appropriate level of control, fairness and players safety.
  • Handle emergency situations as needed.
  • Complete required reports/paperwork.
  • Be aware of facility safety hazards and deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible. If necessary, report safety hazards to supervisor.
  • Communicate on a regular basis with coaches, participants, parent/guardians and district staff.
  • Attend officials training clinics.
  • Annually complete concussion training.
  • Complete mandatory reporting training.
  • Perform job related duties as assigned.

Considerable Knowledge of:  Playing rules and regulations of specific sport required to do the job and safety guidelines related to assignment.

Ability and skill to:  Apply and enforce playing rules of specific sport; exercise strong initiative and significant independent decision making; demonstrate strong leadership and problem solving skills; communicate effectively in both verbal and written form; interact with a variety of patrons/participants; establish and maintain positive, respectful and cooperative relationships with all contacts.

Experience and Training:

  1. At least 15 years old; AND
  2. Interest in sports

Working Conditions:

Depending on program, duties may be performed either indoors or outdoors, which may include working in extreme weather conditions. Work schedule is varied and may require evenings, weekends and holidays. Hours vary depending on specific sports program needs. The flow of work and character of duties involve normal mental and visual attention much or all of the time.

Physical exertion includes frequent use of hand signals, walking/running/jogging, bending and the ability to lift and carry up to 50 pounds unassisted, pushing, pulling and kneeling in order to deliver equipment and supplies. Job stress may include dealing with crowds, uncooperative participants, difficult individuals, exposure to illness and periods of continuous demand.

Supervision Exercised: Supervision is not normally a function of this position.

Supervision Received: Work under the direct supervision of Sports Coordinator staff. Receive routine game day direction from Sports Program Assistant and Sports Facility Supervisors staff.

For more information on sports programs, contact:

Rich Ekman
Sports Program Coordinator
Email Rich Ekman

Girls Lacrosse Training Video

Training Video

Volunteers Make A Difference!

Be a coach! Volunteers are an essential part of BPRD youth sports programs. Volunteer coaches are valuable teachers, mentors and friends for the children on their teams and support the District in keeping programs affordable so that everyone can play!

Volunteer coaches teach the skills needed for the sport, but even more important, they teach and model important life lessons like good sportsmanship and responsibility and help foster self-confidence.

Learn more.


For more information on sports programs, contact:

For more information, contact:

Greg Brady
Sports Program Coordinator
Email Greg Brady

For more information, contact:

David Chen
Pavilion Supervisor
Email David Chen

For more information, contact:

Rich Ekman
Sports Program Coordinator
Email Rich Ekman