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Bend Park and Recreation District offers a variety of youth recreation programs throughout the year to meet the needs of parents while providing fun, enriching activities to fill your child’s day.

Operation Recreation “Team Up”

New all-day youth recreation program for Fall 2020

The Bend Park and Recreation District, in partnership with Bend-La Pine Schools, is offering a limited space all-day childcare program at Bend elementary schools to support working families during the Comprehensive Distance Learning period of the 2020-21 school year.

Operation Recreation “Team Up” aims to provide a supervision solution for working families who do not have a safe and secure alternative arrangement for their first-to-fifth-grade child or children when school begins virtually. The program is FULL; however, applications continue to be accepted for the wait list.

Operation Recreation “Team Up” offers participants many of the enrichment activities included in BPRD’s Operation Recreation summer camp and no-school days program, including arts and crafts, fitness and wellness, games and outdoor activities. Bend-La Pine Schools staff assist BPRD staff to support distanced learning by helping kids manage their online instructional schedule and encouraging follow through on assignments and making sure kids can connect with their teachers.

We are currently working with Bend-La Pine Schools to identify space so we can continue to offer the Operation Recreation “Team Up” program when students begin to return to the classroom for the BALANCED/hybrid schedule.

All-day Program Details:

  • Grades 1 – 5 (Kindergarten not eligible)
  • Dates: Sept. 15 to ongoing as needed.
  • Schedule: Monday – Friday: 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Locations: All Bend elementary schools except for Amity. Bear Creek, Buckingham, Elk Meadow, Ensworth, Highland, High Lakes, Jewell, Juniper (held at Pilot Butte Middle School), Lava Ridge, Miller, North Star, Pine Ridge, Ponderosa, Silver Rail and Westside Village. Children will be assigned to their home school whenever possible.
  • Program Fee: $200 per week. There is no fee for the application.
  • Financial assistance available for qualifying families.
  • The program is currently FULL. Applications continue to be accepted for the wait list.

Health & Safety is Top Priority:

The health and safety of participants is our highest priority. We have procedures and protocols in place that meet all COVID-related childcare and Oregon Health Authority guidelines.  These include the following:

  • Stable group size is limited to no more than 20 participants. The purpose of stable groups is to limit the potential spread of the virus should there be an exposure.
  • Stable groups have separate spaces and remain physically separate throughout the day.
  • Staff ratio is normally 1 staff to 10 or fewer participants and never more than 1 staff to 15 participants.
  • Daily health screening take place at check in.
  • Physical distancing is encouraged as much as possible. 
  • Face covering are required for all staff and participants.
  • Frequent hand washing, sanitization, and hygiene are expected.

How to Apply for Operation Recreation "Team Up:"

Application and Selection Process

The first round of applications have been processed. Applications will continue to be accepted as some spots remain available.

To be considered for space in the Operation Recreation: “Team Up” program, application must be completed and submitted.

To apply:

  1. Go to the BPRD Registration Website. Operation Recreation “Team Up” is Activity # 401200.
  2. Complete an application for each child to be considered for the all-day program
  3. Complete financial information if applying for assistance.

Complete an application for each child. The application does not guarantee a place in the program. A designated number of spaces will be reserved for lower income families in need of financial assistance.

Applications will continue to be accepted as some spots remain available. Should spots not be available, complete an application to be placed on a waiting list.

You will be notified by email or phone whether or not your child(ren) have a spot in the program. We will provide you with information on financial assistance awarded at this time. You will need to pay for the first two weeks to confirm your spot.

Important Information to Know:

This program is intended primarily for working parents who do not have a safe and secure place for their children or who otherwise would not be able to work. If you need partial day activities during the distance learning period, please consider one of our afternoon enrichment, art or outdoor programs. 

Over one-third of Bend area elementary school students qualify for free or reduced lunch. BPRD is committed to ensuring access to these families and is therefore allocating reduced fee spots based on the percentage of free and reduced lunch at each school. Funding for financial assistance comes from City of Bend CARES Act funds, BPRD Scholarship Funds, and other donations. Full fee-paying participants also help make this program accessible to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions about Operation Recreation "Team Up:"

What is the purpose of the Operation Recreation “Team Up” program during distance learning?
This program provides supervised all-day care for elementary school-age children who do not have an alternative arrangement that meets their working family’s needs. It is not intended to replace in-person education or instruction.

Is there a half-day option?
Not at this time. We are prioritizing families who need all-day care first.

How is financial assistance be determined?
The BPRD application includes questions to help determine financial need. Assistance amounts is based on household size and income levels. Assistance amounts varies depending on financial need and may range from 50%-90% support.

How are reduced fees spots awarded?
Families must demonstrate financial need during the application process. Reduced-fee spots are allocated based on the percentage of free and reduced lunch students at each school. If spots are not used at a school, they will be available at another school.

What if my child attends a private school or is doing a 100% online program?
This program is designed support Bend-La Pine students in the Comprehensive Distance Learning. Because private schools and online programs do not follow the same schedule and curriculum, it would be difficult to integrate them into the program.

How are you supporting distance learning in the program?
While we do our best to encourage and support kids with their distance learning, our program is not intended to replace instruction or education efforts that parents need to oversee to help ensure their children are successfully completing their school requirements.

Is there be tutoring or other educational support?
Bend-La Pine Schools staff assist BPRD staff to support distanced learning by helping kids manage their online instructional schedule, encouraging follow through on assignments and making sure kids can connect with their teachers.

What if distance learning is extended?
If distanced learning is extended, our plans are to extend the all-day program if there is a need and funding is available. Current participants will receive first priority for an extended program. If a participant no longer needs the program, we will contact the next family on the wait list.

Are meals provided?
Bend-La Pine Schools is providing meal service at all schools. Students qualifying for free and reduced lunch also qualify during Operation Recreation “Team Up.”  Students who do not qualify for free and reduced lunch may pay for lunches in the same manner as when school is in session. Students are also welcome to bring lunch and snacks from home.

What does the change to the BALANCED/hybrid schedule mean for the Team Up program?
The Operation Recreation “Team Up” program will continue to support all-day child care on the days that students are not in the classroom as long as space is available in the schools to provide the program.

How will the program operate when the BALANCED/hybrid schedule begins?
The Team Up program will offer all-day care on the days that students are not in school. Students who are on the Monday/Thursday in class schedule will attend Team Up on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Students on the Tuesday/Friday in class schedule will attend Team Up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Can my child participate in the Team Up program after school on the days they are attending class in person?
Yes, if your child is registered for the Team Up program, they can join up with their Team Up group at the conclusion of their school day. The program will still end at 4:30 pm.

What if my child is currently attending Team Up at another school that isn’t their home school?
We hope to move most kids to their home school beginning the week of Oct. 5 so they can have the opportunity to attend after school on the days they are in school. This will depend on space availability.

How will the program serve 4th and 5th graders when K-3 begins the BALANCED/hybrid schedule?
The Team Up program will continue to operate all day for 4th and 5th graders until they return to school on the BALANCED/hybrid schedule.

Will academic support continue in the BALANCED/hybrid schedule?   
We will continue to encourage and support each student’s distance learning to the best of our ability.  With the transition to the BALANCED/hybrid schedule, student schedule and online learning may be different on the days they are not in the classroom.  We will work with schools to understand how to best support this approach.

Will Team Up program fees change with BALANCED/hybrid schedule? 
Yes.  As the schools move to the BALANCED/hybrid schedule, fees will change to reflect the 3-days-a-week Team Up program instead of the current 5-days-a-week program.  When possible, we will make the change prior to your payment due date. If you have already paid we will provide a prorated credit for the change.

Will I need to re-register due to these changes?
No. If you are currently registered for Team Up, you will continue to have your spot through Oct. 23.   You will also have priority for registering for the next session of Team Up that will begin Oct 26.

Is there space available in the Team Up program?
There are still spaces available at some schools.  If space is not available at your home school, you may have the option of attending another school.  If you are interested, complete an online application at Activity number 401200. We will contact you within 48 hours of receiving your application. If you qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch, you are likely eligible for financial assistance.

Will there be after school care for students not enrolled in Team Up?
Due to space limitations, restrictions on group sizes and requirements to maintain stable groups, we cannot offer after school care except to those who are registered in the Team Up program.

When school returns to a full schedule, we will resume our Kids INC after school program.

Children conducting a science project
Operation Recreation Team Up logo

The program is FULL. Applications continue to be accepted for the wait list.

KIDS INC is currently unavailable. The program will resume when all kindergarten through 5th grades are back at school full time.

KIDS INC | Grades: K – 5

Postponed until schools reopen. Registration is open.


CONVENIENT: Great program for working parents to meet your family’s child care needs.

NO TRANSPORTATION NEEDED: Co-located program at school demonstrates close partnership between school district and park district to help children thrive.

ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Games and play promote movement and fitness.

SKILL BUILDING: Creative, theme-based enrichment activities that challenge children and encourage problem solving.

PROFESSIONAL STAFF: Dedicated to the care and safety of your child. Staff engage and interact with participants while being positive role models and mentors. All staff are trained in youth development, CPR/first aid and receive background checks.

Register for KIDS INC.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 2:30 – 6:00 pm
Early Release Wednesday: 1:00 – 6:00 pm
FEES: $20.00 per child for each program. (Non-refundable)

Visit BPRD recreation facilities or District Office in person
or online at KIDS INC. Online Registration
Activity # 401131

Registration Opens: May 18 – 22
Reserve your child’s spot this spring. Registration dates/schools all open at 8:00 am each day.

  • May 18: Highland and Ensworth
  • May 19: Ponderosa, Bear Creek and Miller
  • May 20: Buckingham, Juniper and Silver Rail
  • May 21: Pine Ridge, Lava Ridge and North Star
  • May 22: Elk Meadow, High Lakes and Jewell

MONTHLY FEES: $169.00 per child per month (Flat fee. Fee is not prorated for the number of days in the month or days used.)

2020-21 SCHOOLS: Bear Creek, Buckingham, Elk Meadow, Ensworth, Highland, High Lakes, Jewell, Juniper, Lava Ridge, Miller, North Star, Pine Ridge, Ponderosa, Silver Rail

1. Pay the non-refundable fee to hold your spot (online or in person).
2. Pay the monthly fee for the month you are signing up for online at the KIDS INC. Monthly Payment page by the first of each month.

(You can fill out a KIDS INC. reserve form on your computer with the fillable forms below and email them to us. In order for the form to work you need to have the free Adobe 9 Reader. Download here:

School and Program Cancellation and Delays for KIDS INC.

  • KIDS INC will resume when all grades kindergarten through 5th grade are back full time
  • Whenever school is closed due to an emergency (weather or otherwise) KIDS INC will be closed as well.
  • School closures are announced on local radio stations, TV and the school district’s hotline.
  • When in question please be sure to check with one of these resources.
  • If school is cancelled after the children have already started their day the school will send all children home. You will need to make other arrangements for your child’s care.

Questions? Contact our staff.

Becky Curfew
Youth Recreation Coordinator

Email Becky Curfew

Danielle Bolanos
Youth Recreation Assistant

Email Danielle Bolanos

Operation Recreation – School Year | Grades: K – 5

Postponed until all grades, K-5, return full time.

No School Days program at Pine Ridge Elementary and Ponderosa Elementary.

Operation Recreation meets the needs of the working parent and the fun seeking child! This program operates on non-school days for kindergarten through 5th grade. Children enjoy a variety of enrichment activities and daily field trips. Learn more & register.

Program Information

Location: Locations vary by year, view at Activity link below.

Activity: 307400

Times: Weekdays: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Fee: $45 ID/$54 OD per day

No-School Days: view at Activity link above.


Questions? Contact our staff.

Eric Denzler
Outdoor Program Coordinator

Email Eric Denzler

Summer Buddies | Ages: 3 – 5

Sorry, not available in 2020.

Includes daily swimming!

Join Summer Buddies for the best summer ever! Children will enjoy afternoons swimming, outdoor games, arts and crafts and more! Summer Buddies is a great boost before Preschool or Kindergarten!  Register or learn more.

Program Information

Note: No prior swimming experience necessary. Children must be fully potty trained to attend this program.

Location: Juniper Swim & Fitness Center

Activity: 205600

Days: Mondays/Wednesdays OR Tuesdays/Thursdays, from 1:30 – 3:45 pm

For additional information, contact:

Clare Gordon
Assistant Manager

Email Clare Gordon

Busy Buddies Preschool | Ages: 3 – 5

Sorry, not currently available.

Includes weekly swim lessons and yoga movement!

Busy Buddies Preschool, for children ages 3-5, is designed to encourage the development of social skill and a positive self–esteem through a variety of fun, creative and healthy activities. In a small group setting, children will enjoy arts and crafts, dramatic play, show and tell, circle time and more. Basic educational concepts are introduced such as a numbers, letters, phonics and more.  Register or learn more.

Program Information

Note: No prior swimming experience necessary. Children must be fully potty-trained to attend this program.

2020-21 Registration opens May 18. A $20 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of enrollment.

Location: Juniper Swim & Fitness Center

Activity: 405601

Days & Times: Classes are offered Mondays/Wednesdays OR Tuesdays/Thursdays from 1:15 – 4:00 pm.

2020-21 Monthly Fee: $200.00 ID $240.00 OD per child, 2 days per week
(payment is due by the 5th of each month)

Dates: Sept. 14, 2020 – June 11, 2021

For additional information, contact:

Clare Gordon
Assistant Manager

Email Clare Gordon

The PAC at the Pavilion | Ages: 8 – 13

Sorry, not available in 2020.

During the summer, the PAC takes over The Pavilion – Bend’s newest and most exciting recreation center! Each day is different as you get to choose what you want to do!  There are always awesome choices whether you want to “play hard or chill out.” Learn more on The PAC webpage.

We’re talking sports, water play, floating the river, cool art projects, outdoor adventures, your favorite games and just hanging out with friends, both old and new. PAC participants will even get to create activities and special events!

Monday – Friday: 6/15 – 9/4 (no program 7/3)

Full-day: 7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Multi-visit and season passes available.

Youth & Teen Enrichment | Ages: 6 – 17

Check our current offerings in: Youth Enrichment

Whether your child is looking for an adventure or an opportunity to learn new skills our enrichment programs are as varied as the youth we serve. Depending upon your child’s age they may choose from Art, Martial Arts, Spanish, Skateboarding, Music, Theatre, Cooking, Baking or Do-It-Yourself.

For teens, we provide opportunities for challenge, adventure and exploration in a safe, guided environment. Depending upon your teen’s age they may choose from Rock Climbing, Skateboarding, Fencing, Cooking, Art, Theatre or more.