Playbook, Playlist & Program Registration Dates

About Playlists and Playbooks

The Playlist

The recreation program guide is produced seasonally to support registration for recreation programs. With this focused format comes a fresh name: The Playlist. This online resource is an efficient, sustainable and up-to-date shopping guide offering recreation opportunities for our growing community.

Your Playbook

A community favorite since 2014, Your Playbook will continue as a magazine-style book offering news and information about BPRD’s projects, programs, places, people and activities. Playbooks are published twice a year – fall/winter and spring/summer – to feature timely updates and stories. The Playbook is sent to every household within the District boundary and online versions can be found below.

Your Playbook and The Playlist offer you the tools you need to be part of all that BPRD offers for our community.

Registration Dates - Winter, Spring & Summer Open

Registration for seasonal programs is as follows. You can register online or in-person.
The Playlist recreation program guide is available on or by the Friday prior to each opening.
Questions? Call 541-389-7275.

Winter & Spring 2024 registration for now - mid-June programs and spring/summer sports leagues is open.

Summer 2024 registration for mid-June - August programs and summer/fall sports leagues is open.

Fall 2024 registration for September - December programs and fall/winter sports leagues is tentatively scheduled to open in August. Please check back for updates.

Click for helpful Tips on Registering on Opening Days and instructions on How to Register.

Playlists/Recreation Program Guides

Summer 2024

Summer 2024 Playlist cover with boy smiling while holding two popsicles

Summer 2024 Playlist:
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Spring 2024

Spring 2024 Playlist cover featuring patron and staff giving thumbs up while on an indoor track

Spring 2024 Playlist:
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Winter 2024

2024 Winter Playlist cover showing a child and mother playing in the pool.

Winter 2024 Playlist:
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Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Playlist cover featuring child and parent smiling while painting in an art class

Fall 2023 Playlist:
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Spring-Summer 2023

Spring-Summer 2023 Playbook cover featuring child on bike at Big Sky Bike Park

Spring-Summer 2023 Playbook:
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