Ta da! BPRD’s registration website has received a user interface upgrade for spring 2024. The new user interface (UI) is built on modern web and design practices to better serve your needs. Some of the improvements include:

  • Fresh new look & navigation
  • Mobile-friendly design & function
  • Improved search function & finders
  • Language features

To help you become familiar with the new interface, we encourage you to view the video tour below.

We are committed to making the registration experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible and invite your feedback.

New User Interface Features & Instructions Video Tour

Desktop experience featured at 00:00 – 04:40.  |  Mobile experience highlighted at 04:45 – end.

Fresh new look & navigation:

  • Activities are featured at the forefront on the homepage.
  • Youth, teen and adult activities are grouped by type and sub-type for more efficient shopping.
  • Reorganized navigation menu offers ease of searching, renewing passes, finding league schedules, checking your household account and more.
  • Simplified design with bold graphics and images.
screenshot of the homepage of the registration website

Mobile-friendly design & function

  • Mobile-friendly design and performance.
  • Streamlined program display.
  • Click-to-call numbers.
screenshot of mobile view or registration website

Improved search function & finders

  • Activity Search and Activity Index offer two ways to search for the programs you’re looking for.
  • Powerful, custom-built program finders for swim lessons, summer camps, With A Child programs and activities for young children ages 5 and under.
  • Improved search and display of league schedules and standings.
Screenshot of With A Child Finder on the registration website

Language features:

  • Site-wide language translator.
  • Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Chinese and Russian translation available.
  • Available on desktop and mobile.
screenshot of language switcher on registration website

Things to know

  • If you are a current registrant, all your account information remains the same.
  • If you have saved webpages or bookmarks of the registration website, you will want to re-save those with the updated website.
  • The new site works with the major web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. Explorer is not recommended and no longer supported by Microsoft.
  • If you’re having difficulties viewing the website, we recommend clearing the cache in your web browser.
  • This upgrade only affects BPRD’s registration website and not this website.

We believe the new registration UI will offer you a more enjoyable and responsive registration experience.

Questions? Comments?

If you are experiencing issues or would like to share your feedback, we’d like to hear from you.

Our team is happy to help and ready to assist you with any questions or support you might need.

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