Saying yes for every child

January 22, 2024

In 2023, Bend Park & Recreation District allocated more than $670,000 as financial need-based assistance to support people with participating in recreation programs and activities. This amount increases each year with the growth of our community and ever-increasing cost of living in Bend. The park district strives to serve everyone in the community regardless of the ability to pay and is committed to finding the resources to provide this support and continuing outreach efforts to help reduce barriers to participating.

Essential afterschool care for single dad

Jared and his daughter are among many in our community who work hard, yet still face the challenge of finding the money to pay for critical programs like after-school care, a session of swim lessons or the chance to play on a team. Jared didn’t want to ask for help, but as a single dad doing his best to make ends meet and care for his young daughter, he needed a hand.

“I couldn’t work if my daughter didn’t go to the KIDS Inc. program after school and the day camps in the summer. We’d be out of luck if we didn’t have help with paying…the support has been a lifesaver. We’ve been through some tough times and knowing that she is in safe place gives me peace of mind. She loves being in the programs and talks about them non-stop when we get home,” he said. 

Reducing barriers to participation

The Bend Park & Recreation Foundation plays a key role in supporting the park district with the funding needed to be able to say “yes” to everyone. The foundation serves as a steward for private donations, works to raise awareness of the need for community support and hosts fundraising activities. Resources provided by the foundation are part of the funds allocated for recreation scholarships, and can offer supplemental support for participant fees or help with getting the equipment needed for someone to fully participate, like sports shoes, a bike helmet or a swim suit.

Learn more about recreation scholarships and how you can donate and make a difference for families like Jared’s.

About the Bend Park & Recreation Foundation

Bend Park & Recreation Foundation is the 501 (c) 3 non-profit partner of Bend Park & Recreation District. The park foundation has a long history of providing stewardship for private donations that support recreation opportunities for our community. The organization is led by volunteer board members Molly Cogswell-Kelley, Jane Dunham, Aleta Nissen, Ted Schoenborn, Paul Taylor and Holly Wadsworth. All have a passion for our community and ensuring that recreation opportunities are accessible for everyone today and in the future.


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