Benefits: Make every day better by improving your day-to-day function with strength and conditioning! Use a variety of equipment to increase your muscle strength and endurance, bone density and balance.

Locations: Juniper Swim & Fitness Center and Larkspur Community Center

Virtual Classes: Available. Learn about our Virtual Fitness Classes.

Fees & Passes: Multi-facility swim and fitness fees, passes and discounts available.

Note: During inclement weather or poor air quality, be sure to check schedules regularly for possible cancellations or location changes.

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See the Juniper Swim & Fitness Center facility schedule for all classes and activities.

See the Larkspur Community Center facility schedule for all classes and activities.

Fitness Center Circuit Workout

Coached workout with a series of stations to get your whole body fit! These classes are held in the Fitness Center and offer something for everyone.

Fitness Variety

A total body conditioning class incorporating strength, cardio, core and balance. Uses a variety of equipment to make the most out of your workout.

Functional Fitness

Improve your daily function through a series of exercise routines emphasizing flexibility, balance and strength. Class focus is on muscle mechanics, core work and body awareness.

Senior Fit Club

In this class the focus is on balance, coordination, agility and flexibility. Senior Fit Club is a combination of strength development and cardiovascular conditioning for the active older adult. Class is taught seated and standing.

Strength & Condition

Improve strength, range of motion, flexibility, balance and hand-eye coordination. Weights are used both from sitting and standing positions with modifications recommended if needed.

Strength Tone & Mightier Bone

This weight training class focuses on improving bone health, muscle mass, and increasing flexibility and balance.

TB Strength & Core

A total body strength workout focusing on your core using a variety of equipment.

TB Strength & Core Express

A 30-minute total body workout focused on building strength and core.

TRX 101

A 20-minute primer on body mechanics and proper form when using TRX straps.

TRX Circuit Workout

Get a full-body workout utilizing TRX straps, dumbbells, and body weight, in this circuit-style workout.

Walk with Ease: Seated Workout

This class is tailored to people with mobility issues. All exercises will be in a seated position. Increase flexibility, gain strength and have fun!

Class Etiquette

In group exercise, like all social settings, common courtesy calls for sensitivity to others. Please follow these etiquette guidelines when participating in group exercise classes.

  • New to class? Arrive early and introduce yourself to the instructor, and let them know if you need any modifications.
  • Respect the instructor, and other participants, by arriving on time to get the most out of the class and warm up, and plan on participating to the best of your ability and staying through the cooldown/stretch. Modify moves as needed. If you’re looking to do your own workout, visit our studios during Workout on Your Own hours.
  • Be respectful to all by keeping conversations to a minimum. If you’re looking to socialize throughout class, please visit our studios/pools during Workout on Your Own times.
  • Participants should be clean and free of scents or perfumes.
  • Glass is prohibited in all facilities and parks.
  • Water or sports drinks must be in containers with lids.
  • Silence cell phones.
  • Exercise clothing should be clean, comfortable, and provide appropriate coverage.
  • Please ask a receptionist for help from a Facility Shift Lead if you are having an issue with another patron.
  • The safest place to secure your belongings is locked in one of our lockers.
  • For classes that have size limitations, only sign-in for yourself. You must be present at the start of class or your spot will be relinquished to the next person on the waiting list.

Check with your physician before beginning any exercise program. If you have any medical considerations (recent surgeries, knee, neck or back problems, etc.), be sure to inform your teacher beforehand. Please note that instructors may use both physical assists as well as verbal cues to help students attain proper form, alignment and position. Please notify the instructor before class begins if you do not want to be touched. You are encouraged to bring and drink water throughout your workout. Thank you for attending and enjoy your workout!