Art Station

1600 SE Reed Market Road

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Project Overview

The Art Station programs will get a new home at Larkspur Park! Programs have been housed in temporary locations since Spring 2022.

After evaluating multiple sites, BPRD staff and the board of directors determined that Larkspur Park would be the best home for the Art Station due to location in the community and existing infrastructure. A new facility will be built adjacent to the basketball court. It will have an entry space, three classrooms, office space, and restrooms.

The surrounding natural space and trails will  be a beneficial asset to the Art Station for inspiration and space to create, while preserving the landscape and trail experience to the fullest extent possible.

The new Art Station scheduled for opening Summer 2026.

1600 SE Reed Market Road (Larkspur Park)

2.5 million

Property Tax

Summer 2026

Contact Information

For more information on the Art Station, please contact

Jason Powell
Construction Manager

January 2024 – Design contract approved

Why did the Art Station vacate the Old Mill District location?
The Old Mill District was a wonderful community partner and provided a generous lease agreement for the Art Station for more than two decades. The historic train depot is now used as space for the Hayden Homes amphitheater events. BPRD has been exploring options for a new home for the Art Station while temporarily holding art programs at other district facilities and local schools.

Will Harmon Park Clay Studio continue after the Art Station construction is completed?
The Art Station project includes clay studio space that will be designed for expanded class offerings and storage needs. It’s too soon to know how Harmon Park’s facility will be used when the Art Station opens in 2026; however, the facility is intended to remain available for art and enrichment programs.

Will there be enough parking at Larkspur Center?
BPRD is aware that there are times and days when parking is a challenge at Larkspur Center and Larkspur Park. The parking needs for the Art Station are relatively small and do not normally conflict with peak times at Larkspur Community Center.

The district will continue to monitor parking capacity and design schedules and programs in a manner to alleviate parking challenges. If parking capacity is fully reached, a future phased plan for Larkspur Center could accommodate additional parking.

Could the Art Station be built in the grass turf area instead of the natural area?
BPRD’s goal is always to preserve natural space where possible. In this case, the majority of the grass turf area is not a feasible location for the building due to extensive underground utilities in that area. The concept design will inform siting in more detail than is currently available.

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