Summary for June 20 board of directors meeting

June 21, 2023

The BPRD board of directors met on June 20 and the business session-only agenda was packed with trails, a land purchase, business use in parks policy and a new name for a future park. A video recording is available.

Trails in Southwest Bend

Staff shared information about two recommended actions designed to ensure and expand public trail access on properties owned by Central Oregon Irrigation District (COID). For more than 20 years, BPRD and COID have collaborated on trails and ditch rider roads throughout the community to provide off-road transportation corridors.

COID applied for several property line adjustments on properties they own surrounding the hydroelectric power generating station and the Central Oregon Historic Canal Trail in southwest Bend. These adjustments are being made in preparation for COID to sell a portion of their land, currently under contract with Pahlisch Homes, for residential development.

There are currently three permitted trails that pass through the area: the Deschutes River Trail (DRT), the Central Oregon Historic Canal Trail (COHCT), and a third trail that runs from Brookswood Blvd to the DRT.

  • The DRT is permitted through a permanent trail easement the district received in 2005.
  • The COHCT is permitted through an agreement between the district and COID from 2002.
  • The third trail is provided as part of COID’s license to operate the hydroelectric generating station from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

The trail established by the FERC license is only required to remain in place while the hydroelectric-generating station is operating. Once power generation ceases there is no obligation by COID to retain the trail — past use isn’t a factor.

After discussion and acknowledgement of the interest and input from community members, the board unanimously approved the motion.

Staff plan to continue to work with Pahlisch Homes through the land use development process to evaluate opportunities for additional trail and open space.

Land purchase in Southeast Bend

Planning for long-term growth and the accompanying park and recreation needs is critical to the future livability of Bend. With the goal of finding land suitable for future park development, the district entered into a purchase and sale agreement for two parcels totaling about 453 acres off of Rickard Road. The property is owned by Rose & Associates, LLC and is located less than a half mile from the UGB, directly south of the Knott Landfill.

The agreed upon purchase price for the property is $3.9 million, plus associated legal, closing and due diligence costs. 

The district has no immediate plans or funding identified for development of the site but will be pursuing a zone change for future use. A portion of the property is currently cultivated for hay.This use will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

Business use in parks policy update

Staff presented and the board approved a “Business Use in Parks” policy which combines two past policies: “Concession/Sales in Parks and Facilities” and “Business Operations in Parks and Facilities.”

The new policy has current and more comprehensive definitions for different types of commercial activities and provides principal-based policy direction to guide staff decision making when considering individual requests and determining appropriate commercial activities in parks. The policy is included in agenda packet (begins on page 38).

Name selected for future park

The Shevlin West Park Site is a 3.5-acre neighborhood park site located on Mt. Hood Drive, just west of the intersection of Mt. Hood Drive and NW Jackwood Place. The park site was owned by the Shevlin Investments LLC, and dedicated to the district in 2021.

BPRD’s Naming Committee conducted its process for evaluating possible names and forwarded a recommendation to the board of directors. In total, 86 name possibilities were suggested and considered. The board chose to name the park “Manzanita Ridge Park.” Park construction is expected to be complete in Fall 2025.

The next board meeting is July 18.