BPRD reminds community about dog leash rules

May 2, 2024

Parks and trails are already busy this spring and Bend Park and Recreation District is reminding pet owners about leash requirements and the safety benefits of keeping dogs on leash.

Instances of off-leash dogs in BPRD parks and on trails that are not designated off-leash areas are one of the most frequent issues raised by park and trail users.

The BPRD park stewardship team has been busy this spring with reminders about the important safety reasons for leashing furry best friends. The team aims for positive reinforcement while also reminding community members about the rules.

“While it’s tempting to view all open grass areas as off-leash dog play areas, it’s not safe for other park users,” said Jeff Hagler, BPRD park stewardship manager. “Off-leash dogs can easily get in another user’s way on a trail and cause an accident or injuries. Off-leash dogs can instigate aggression problems or fights with leashed dogs and encounters with children or adults who are allergic or fearful can be terrifying even with ‘friendly’ dogs.”

Dogs are required by city ordinance to be on leash in any public area in the city of Bend except in designated off-leash areas. The spring engagement campaign aims to inform community members about the possible enforcement actions that can include a 30-day exclusion from park district property and/or a $250 fine and being held responsible for a dog’s actions in civil or criminal cases.

Leash rules also apply while walking to a dog park from the entrance or a parking lot. Unleashed dogs running from a vehicle can create safety concerns for the dog as well as for others, especially in busy parks such as Ponderosa, Big Sky and Pine Nursery parks.

Additionally, dog owners are to clean up after their dog. To help out, dog waste bags and trash receptacles are available at many Bend parks and trails.

BPRD has nine dog off-leash areas in local parks, including:

  • Alpenglow Community Park (61049 SE 15th St.) 3.9 acres, fenced with small dog area and agility amenities.
  • Big Sky Park (21690 Neff Rd) 5 acres, fenced.
  • Discovery Park (1315 NW Discovery Park Drive) 1.6 acres, fenced.
  • Riverbend Park (799 SW Columbia St) 1.1 acres, fenced with river access and small dog area.
  • Ponderosa Park (225 SE 15th St) 2.9 acres, fenced with small dog area.
  • Bob Wenger Memorial Off-Leash Area at Pine Nursery Park (NE Purcell Rd) 18.8 acres, fenced with seasonal splash pad and small dog park.
  • Hollinshead Park (1235 NE Jones Rd) 3.7 acres, unfenced.
  • Overturf Butte Reservoir (Skyliner Summit Loop) 4.6 acres, fenced.
  • Awbrey Reservoir (NW 10th and Trenton) 5 acres, partially fenced (not fully enclosed). Note: acreage is approximate.

Off-leash area etiquette includes only visiting with vaccinated, non-aggressive pets. Also, please don’t allow children to ride bikes or play on agility course equipment located in the dog parks.

Learn more on the Dogs in Parks webpage.