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Pine Nursery Park – Phase 5

63100 Northeast Purcell Boulevard, Bend, OR, USA

Project Phase


Project Overview

Pine Nursery Park is a large 159-acre community park located in northeast Bend. This park expansion project will complete the remaining features identified in the Phased Plan (formally known as the Master Plan) for the highly utilized park.

Project work may include new athletic fields and related amenities, athletic field lighting, artificial turf infields, pickleball and/or tennis courts, pedestrian trail lighting, ADA access improvements, off-leash dog area improvements, maintenance and infrastructure improvements, irrigation and landscaping.

The project will not impact the disc golf course, the playground or shelter/restrooms, fishing pond, Timbers fields, sand volleyball courts, or existing pickleball courts.

The project is anticipated to be complete by Spring 2026.

63000 NE Purcell Blvd.

5 million

System Development Charges

Spring 2026

Contact Information

For more information on the Pine Nursery Park – Phase 5, please contact

Bronwen Mastro

Landscape Architect

Tel: (541) 706-6152

Email: bronwenm@bendparksandrec.org

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What is the history of Pine Nursery Park’s development phases?

The property was acquired in 2004, requiring two acts of Congress. A phased plan was created and the amenities enjoyed today were developed over time.

  • Phase 1 – South side fields, park entry and central parking, pumphouse, pond, off-leash dog area and perimeter trail
  • Phase 2 – North side paving/parking lot and infrastructure, pickleball courts
  • Phase 3 – Shelter, restrooms, dugouts and shades, off-leash area expansion, playground
  • Phase 4 – Partner-built amenities including turf fields and sand volleyball courts
  • Phase 5 –  Current phase

Will there be public outreach for phase five of the project?

BPRD began an extensive outreach process in 2002 for the design and development of Pine Nursery Park. The process created the Phased Plan (formerly known as the Master Plan) and each phase completes all the amenities over time that were planned through the outreach process and approved by Deschutes County in the conditional use permit. Phase 5 will complete the Phased Plan.

There will not be additional input gathered at this time, but BPRD always welcomes feedback or questions on current projects.

Will additional sport courts be added with this phase?

Additional sport courts are among the amenities being considered for this final phase of Pine Nursery Park. Decisions will be informed by community recreation needs survey data, funding availability, activity compatibility with other park uses and other factors.

Will field lighting be added with this phase?

Field lighting is also being considered for this final phase of Pine Nursery Park. BPRD has very few lit fields across the community but they do enable the extended use of fields into evening hours and/or fall season in some cases. If lighting is installed, it will follow BPRD standard practices to meet dark sky requirements.

What is the relationship with outside groups at Pine Nursery Park?

Many amenities and activities that are provided to the community are supported through partnerships with local groups. Pine Nursery Park currently includes pickleball courts, artificial turf fields, and sand volleyball courts because of partnerships that resulted in development of these amenities quickly for the community to use and enjoy.

Each group works under a signed agreement with BPRD for the design, construction, and use of the amenity. The agreements also ensure public access because of the location within the park. To learn more about the partnerships at Pine Nursery, visit the park webpage.

January 2023 – RFP for a design consultant published