Project Phase


Project Overview

Hollinshead is a 16.1-acre community park in northeast Bend. Donated by Dean and Lily Hollinshead, it has deep roots in the area. Originally a busy ranch, today it offers visitors a journey back in time.

Spread across the park are unique features – an off-leash dog area, community and demonstration gardens, a walking trail, and picnic areas. The park is also home to historical buildings including the Hollinshead Barn, tack shed and the museum house.

Knowing the importance of the park, community members and BPRD staff worked together in 2010 to develop a preferred concept plan for the future of the property. With Bend’s continued growth and demand on our parks, improvements planned for the park include:

  • A new permanent restroom.
  • New ADA-compliant pathways to increase accessibility, including enhanced access to Hollinshead Barn.
  • Renovation of the parking area to improve circulation and operational issues.
  • Enclosing the off leash area to increase park-user safety and reduce conflicts.
  • The creation of a “History Walk” with interpretive signs to share the park’s history and features in collaboration with the Deschutes Historical Society.
  • Preparation of a maintenance report to preserve the park’s structures are for future generations.

1235 NE Jones Road


Property tax, SDCs, Special Revenue Funds


Contact Information

For more information on the Hollinshead Park Improvement Project, please contact

Ian Isaacson
Landscape Architect

December 5th – Design contract brought to board of directors for approval

February 23rd – Design feedback survey opens

May 20th, 2:00-6:00 PM – Hollinshead Project Open House at the historic Hollinshead Barn. 1235 NW Jones Road.


Will there be public outreach for this project?

Yes, the project manager will lead efforts to gain public involvement. There will be opportunities to review designs and to provide input beginning Summer 2024. Details will follow when specific dates are added.

Why are permanent restrooms a priority additional amenity? 

Permanent restrooms are a standard amenity offered in community parks, which is the designation of Hollinshead Park. The restrooms will help serve the many non-neighbor visitors who visit the park for the garden, the historic house and other events held in the park, not by reservation in the barn event space.

Why is fencing being added to the Off-Leash Area?

The OLA is currently unfenced, so the fencing will help enhance safety and to reduce park user conflicts. The off-leash area is a frequently visited site and not all dogs are strong at verbal recall for their own safety and that of other patrons. For consistency, the off-leash area will be fenced to align with the best practice, and it will be designed to be in harmony with the park’s aesthetic and will provide at least two main entry gates.

Will parking be added? 

The number of spaces is expected to remain consistent with what is available now, but the parking area will be improved and become more efficient through reconfiguration and repair for better flow and use.

Will the historic house, tack shed or other structures on site be affected?

There will be conditional assessment on the other structures on the site and the maintenance report will be developed. This guide will provide recommendations for the care and upkeep of the park’s historic structures. Any construction recommendations highlighted in this report are not part of this project, and will be funded as part of a future project. An unrelated effort has been underway for the past several years to add historical interpretation information and signage in the historic house, barn and soon to the tack shed. These efforts are in partnership with Sharron Rosengarth and the Deschutes County Historical Society and Museum.

What will be included in a historic walking tour?

The 2010 plan reflects the unique opportunity to tell the history of the land where Hollinshead is, the role of agriculture and homesteading, the significance of Indigenous Peoples presence and more. A historic walking tour will be developed to be an exterior experience in the park.

Will the natural area trails and the historic canal be impacted?

No, these areas are not included in the scope of the project. Park Services staff regularly evaluate the trails and make adjustments and repairs as needed. As a reminder, dogs are not allowed in the canals per irrigation district rules. Please stay on path to protect the natural areas.

Will this project impact the community garden?

No, the garden is not a part of this project and will continue to be available for use throughout the project.

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