McKay, Miller’s Landing and Columbia Parks (MMC) River Access Project

55 Northwest Riverside Boulevard, Bend, OR, USA

Project Phase


Project Overview

Check out the preferred conceptual designs on the documents and plans tab! You can view the StoryMap here.

To better manage the increasing recreational river use, improve the experience for all users, and to promote sustainable use of our river resource, BPRD initiated the 2021 Deschutes River Access and Habitat Restoration Plan. The plan identified 28 projects to be completed over approximately 10 years to improve and consolidate existing access points along with habitat restoration. Three initial projects were identified at McKay ParkMiller’s Landing Park, and Columbia Park (project numbers 20, 21, and 22 in the plan).

The three parks host some of the few calm water sections in downtown Bend, making them ideal locations for various recreation activities. By enhancing access at these sites, we hope to meet community needs for many activities like launching watercraft, wading, swimming, and riverside leisure. These needs were identified as a “high priority” in the 2018 Comprehensive Plan.

Staff has already accomplished the initial phase of work, which included site surveys, data collection, and the creation of initial concept drawings. We received substantial community and stakeholder input, including 522 completed surveys, 1,268 individual written comments, 18 emails, 50 comments from the district’s social media platforms, and approximately 40 attendees at the in-person open houses on February 1, 2023.

At the Board of Director’s meeting on March 21, the board directed staff to further develop preferred conceptual designs at all four access locations. With the board’s guidance, the comprehensive community feedback, and the unique characteristics of each location, the design team has crafted a for each river access point at these parks.

Funding Partners:

  • Partial funding for Phase One design work of this project is provided by the Oregon State Marine Board Waterway Access Grant Program, which invests 10-foot and longer nonmotorized boat permit fees for boating facility improvements.
  • Partial funding for Phase Two design work of this project is provided by the Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). The MPO works cooperatively with local governments to set priorities for transportation needs. MPOs are charged with maintaining and conducting a “continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive” regional transportation planning and project programming process for the MPO area.
  • Partial funding for Phase Three for design work of this project is being provided by the Central Oregon Future Fund, a newly established annual grant program managed by Visit Central Oregon. The purpose of this program is to reinvest Transient Room Tax dollars generated from overnight visitors back into the region to create positive revitalization for visitors and residents alike.
  • Partial funding for the construction of the Miller’s Landing access points is being provided by the Bend Sustainability Fund which invests in projects that create sustainable experiences in Bend’s community.

McKay Park, Miller's Landing Park, and Columbia Park


Property Tax, Grant Funding, and SDC Reimbursements

Design: 2022-2024, Miller's Landing Construction: est. 25/26, Columbia Construction: est. 26/27, McKay Construction: est. 27/28

Contact Information

For more information on the McKay, Miller’s Landing and Columbia Parks (MMC) River Access Project, please contact

Ian Isaacson
Landscape Architect


March: Initial survey work for data collection


January February: Board Presentation; Story Map and survey opens

February 1st: Open House outreach events, District Office Community Room, 10:00 AM or 5:00 PM.

February 8th: Survey closes

March 21st: Board presentation

August 31st: Updated preferred concept designs and StoryMap

September 5th: Board Presentation and approve preferred concept designs


Spring: Permitting for Miller’s Landing Park construction


Miller’s Landing Construction: est. 25/26

Columbia Construction: est. 26/27

McKay Construction: est. 27/28


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