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Image showing a Walk/Run-Through Event through Farewell Bend ParkA Run/Walk/Bike Through is defined as any gathering or event staged off of BPRD property that needs to pass through any BPRD parks or trails.  (i.e. foot/walk/bike race events staged on private property)

  • Paid staged public events and shelter rentals take priority over a Run Through request.
  • Not all parks/trails are available or suitable for a run/walk/bike through.
  • Impact fee may be charged based on size, trail use and staging.

Request Form

You may submit a completed Run Through Request Form (PDF).– must be submitted 2 months prior to the event date due to paid reservation priority.

  1. BPRD requires a legible detailed route map attached to the Request Form.
  2. If your walk/run route crosses on to the Old Mill District (OMD) property you must send your BPRD request and route map to the OMD for prior approval. BPRD cannot accept incomplete run/walk requests without OMD written approval. Contact Amanda at (541) 312-0131.

Contact City of Bend for possible city requirements, (541) 388-5505 or


An insurance certificate naming the district as additionally insured for no less than $2 million and including all BPRD parks and trails being used is required. This is due no later than 30 days prior to your event.

If alcohol is served before and/or during the race/run, additional insurance and verbiage is required.

Submit Documents

Submit request form, route map and insurance by email, mail or in person to:

Chris Zerger, public event program coordinator, and Katy Aceto, program assistant,
Bend Park & Recreation District Office
799 SW Columbia St.
Bend, Oregon 97702
Telephone: (541) 706-6220
Email: and  (Include both emails in all correspondence regarding your event)

Bend Park and Recreation District works closely with partnering agencies such as Old Mill District and the City of Bend. We have a clear understanding of each other’s policies, guidelines and procedures, which helps to create a cohesive planning process between agencies.